Thea Nerissa Barnes

THEA NERISSA BARNES December isn’t a great month for me, actually, it’s downright shitty. In this month that most people celebrate love and family – I see mine dwindling. My cousin, Darren Eastmond,… Continue reading

I couldn’t think of a cute acronym for FINE.

It’s been a while and the 1 year anniversary of my intense love affair with the NHS; Our monthly trysts where we entangle ourselves & test my boundaries + fortnightly quickies where a… Continue reading

This is 37. [+ 1 day]

So my birthday ritual 🎂 is to write in my journal for my birthday… 😊what and who makes me happy now, 😳what has surprised me, 🤔what I want to change, improve and keep,… Continue reading

I got married + got jipped on the engagement ring [sorta!]

A month in … So it’s a little over a month since the diagnosis of my autoimmune disease, sarcoidosis [now referred to as my Husband – as this will be my lifelong companion]… Continue reading

I am a patient on House + Greys’ Anatomy

First & most importantly – All my love and thanks to my family, who know how much/little to check in on me and not ask too many/too few questions – DeeDee, Tins, Curtis,… Continue reading

A little about Book of Mormon, but actually mainly my random thoughts.

This started as a Facebook post because of this article but it became rather long, so I thought I’d break my blogging fast and actually write a post instead. I’ve seen Mormon mainly because I… Continue reading

ready?? ready?? yeah we ready??? uuuuuhhh maybe not!

So here we are… already, February, the 2nd month of the year and I just missed my 5month no post anniversary by 2 days! It’s been a busy last few months, clearly too… Continue reading

& poof! you are a different person before you recognise it…

It’s been a little while, I’ve been better recently and it’s only nearly a month… so I am quite proud of myself. I always have the best intention of writing but then somehow… Continue reading

love & marriage?? do you have to do the horse & carriage???

  so a lot of my people have been getting married, actually 3 people who I consider my proper people… actually i guess you could say 5, cause 2 of the couples both… Continue reading

claiming my blog on bloglovin’

I am simply writing this because I have chosen to use bloglovin’ i’m to post this in my blog Follow my blog with Bloglovin for them to know my shit is real and I… Continue reading